vineri, 31 decembrie 2010

One End, Another Beginning

Maybe this year I haven't done everything I wanted or the way wanted to. I didn't invent anything new, I didn't make any new discoveries. The Earth is still round, cows and chickens look the same, we don't travel using air instead of gas, but it was a good year.
I could say I'm proud of myself. I didn't get into troubles, I tried to do the things I had, I helped some people, I acted nice with whoever, I really tried to be better and the most important thing of all, I am still alive. I managed to achieve some things that make me smile right now and feel soooo proud of myself. School is still the most important thing at this point, but I also tried to love and show love (I still try to). I'm getting better at this, I promise.
Also, I hope I will get better at those things I haven't this year, I want to achieve new remarkable fruitions, I would like to make happy a few persons (so I would be a good and happy one myself), I really wish to finish whatever projects I have started  and, if it is possible, to be as wise as the people I admire. There are things that worry me (as always), but I'll keep being optimistic.
I hope everyone on this planet will achieve everything would make them proud, happy or whatever feeling they want to feel. At midnight I will raise a glass for all of you and wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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